Our Process

The ptmedia process:

The ptmedia process is truly a partnership with its clients.  Our process is designed to keep the ultimate goal in mind, YOUR SUCCESS!

Getting started with ptmedia: We come together your team and ours to define the scope of the project and to understand the vision of our clients. We detail all work and provide a sample site map and estimated time schedule, decide on style and content and move on to the actual design process.

ptmedia encourages our clients to be involved in the development of their project and we help you to do this by providing you with 24/7 access to your site via a secure link to our site. This link allows you to provide us with much needed feedback and timely changes.

As the project nears completion we test and we test some more. After the site acceptance we provide site promotion and online advertising. Logo Design, Branding, and Search Engine Keywords have already been built in to make your site as attractive to search engines as it is to your clients.

Our goal is to make sure that you receive a web site that meets your needs and creates a presence on the Internet that reflects the vision of your company.
Your Success is Our Success!